Australian Oils of Nature

In 2008, Australian Oils of Nature began as a company producing and selling natural tea tree oil in New South Whales, Australia. They have grown a lot since then and currently represent about 10% of the tea tree market in Australia. They expanded their business to include other essential oils including Australian Eucalyptus (Blue Mallee), Australian Sandalwood, and many other essential oils and perfume ingredients. We continuously strive to increase our product library, and offer the highest quality products for our customers.

FP Aromatics

FP Aromatics Singapore is the largest exporter of East Indian Sandalwood Oil, and has been manufacturing and supplying their products for top flavor and fragrance companies for 3 generations. They continue to use traditional distillation techniques, leading to the exceptional quality products which their consumers love.

FP Aromatics obtains their raw materials from farmers, resellers, and other government authorized bodies. All groups are monitored by the government and are legally required to adhere to sustainable farming practices.

Herceg-Gala d.o.o

Founded in 2015, Herceg-Gala d.o.o produces Immortel or Everlasting oil (Helichrysum italicum) at Široki Brijeg in West Herzegovina. Their product is 100% pure and natural, and certified as organic. They are a very young company, but are growing quite fast. This can be largely attributed for their excellent products.